Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Have You Always Been Humorous?"

     I said something funny at lunch yesterday.  I could probably start a blog entry that way any day of the week and it would be a true statement.  That may sound braggadocious (what a fantastic word) but making jokes during conversation is "my thing."  So, when the person across from me asked, thoughtfully and earnestly, "Have you always been humorous?" I was, for a moment, thrown off.

Monday, April 11, 2016

And In The End, The Fandom You Fake May Outlast the Friendships You Make

First off, yes, that title is quite a reach, but it is a reference to a Beatles lyric.  Good Human Points to the first person who posts which album the song referenced here is from.  :)
     Secondly, I want to thank the many, many people whose readership of this blog has pushed me to over 10,000 views in 11 months.  I will never know for sure how many of you are out there reading this regularly or popping in once or twice a month, but I am grateful to have you. 

   Okay, onto the actual post...  In honor of the Detroit Red Wings making the playoffs for 25 consecutive years, it's about Canada's national pastime and my favorite sport to watch.  Let's open with a question:

How many people who've never laced 'em up and played a game can say their life was defined by the sport of hockey?