Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pound It

     When my "transplant mentor" Ryan told me about how much weight he gained in the months after his transplant, my first thoughts were a) I hope I am "on his track" when it comes to this, and 2) what will I look like if I am at a healthy weight?  Over two years since he told me about his transformation, I have gone from weighing 111 lbs. to 153 lbs.  It's gotten to the point where my doctor's said I should stop trying to gain weight.  Not that I need to lose any, but, you know, it's a "don't drink high calorie shakes on top of the 2,800 calorie a day diet" situation.  So, my hopes were fulfilled, but what about my question about how I would look?

     Based on what's been said by nearly everyone who knew me prior to the transplant, I look "so good."  The emaciated frame which slowly became normal to me over the past several years has been replaced by a robust, can't wear an adult small, even some of my hats don't fit anymore body.  My six-pack abs, firm and tone from years of coughing, became a noticeable tummy a few months ago, and they haven't looked back since.  These results are a combination of both the steroids I'm on and my healthy new respiratory system making it easier for my body to maintain its weight, and I couldn't be happier.  

     But with every gain, there comes a loss.  Last weekend I tried on my summer clothes.  It's going to be happy day for the size 28 and 30 person who strolls into the Goodwill and finds my recently donated items.  I hope he wears my shorts with pride and confidence-- I'm living proof that second hand is the best hand.  
Some of them wouldn't even button!