Monday, June 29, 2015

Signed, Sealed, Undelivered

     Two nights ago, my son got upset with me for disciplining him.  He, in his six year old mind, felt my request that he speak more kindly to me was unreasonable.  I saw him get out a piece of paper and a pencil, but assumed the only thing he'd created was the drawing he showed me before he went to bed.  Yesterday morning, I realized I was wrong, when I found this note on the floor of his room.  When I showed it to him, he apologized for making it and said it wasn't true.  He said he just wrote it for himself and didn't want me to see it.  But that doesn't change the fact that it is literally my favorite thing he as ever created.

     Because it perfectly captures his improving (but incomplete) understanding of the use of air quotes, (he "always" cracks us up when he "uses" them when he talks) and because it is a "frozen moment" which encapsulates the innocence and mindset of my son, I feel absolutely blessed to have this note.  

     And I hope the statement he wrote is never actually true.  I will continue to strive to be the sort of dad who is friends with his son without him losing respect for me; without pandering to him or taking the easy road to gaining his favor.  That strategy has served me well so far as both a father and a teacher.  Most of all, this note reminds me that my son will not always be six, and I need to cherish every moment I have with him, even (and especially) the moments where he channels his adorable anger into priceless written declarations.

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  1. I got a big ol chuckle with this one but only because you were so happy he used air quotes!!!!!! You crack me up!!!