Monday, October 5, 2015

Many Happy Returns

    After such a strong run of blogging, usually five days a week, the reality of teaching-- albeit part time-- while trying to write a book / blog hit last week: no updates at all. But, as I dive into the curriculum of 7th grade English Language Arts, I am going to recommit myself to this blog, especially writing the remaining segments of what will be the book I hope to publish for people whose lives have been impacted by Cystic Fibrosis.
               For now, though, I am re-sharing this photo of my son and I.  Over the past week and a half, we've had the occasion to be "Spider-Twins" by going to see Marvel Universe Live! at a local stadium, and also last Friday when chilly weather encouraged us to wear the Spider-Man hoodies as I dropped him off at school.  One of the other first graders was quick to point out that my son and I can't really be "twins" because we are not the same height.  That critique notwithstanding, I could tell my son enjoyed having the attention our matching outfits brought, even though he tends to shy away from the limelight when the audience is broader than just his family and close friends.  In that regard, the apple seems to have fallen far from the tree. 

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