Monday, October 12, 2015

Never One to Turn Down Seconds

     Now that I am almost 14 months post-transplant, the calendar doesn't have any "firsts" for me, but "seconds" are just as wonderful on this journey as they are during a fabulous meal.  The first holiday related tradition that I've now done twice is walk around Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford Museum during "Halloween Nights," where the park, typically only open during daylight, allows families to stroll the grounds, get treats, eat cider and donuts, and see semi-spooky things along the way. 

     Last year when I went, I was much more immunosuppressed, quite concerned about the crowds of people giving me an infection, and nervous about inhaling the synthetic fog used to increase the Halloween atmosphere.  While all of those issues still drifted though my mind at some point this year, they were crammed way to the back, and I could focus on enjoying a Star Wars themed evening with my wife and son.

     As you can see in the photo, my bald faced, glasses wearing Wookie isn't nearly as menacing as Boba Fett.  But we probably had equal amounts of fun!

     As I look forward to the upcoming holidays and the traditions they bring, I am eager to pile as many "seconds" onto my plate as possible. 

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