Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another One Year Ago Look-Back...

     I owe a debt to Mark Zuckerberg.  Not a monetary one-- he doesn't need more money anyway-- but one that stems from the awareness Facebook provides via it's "Today in the Past" feature.  Yesterday it reminded me that one year ago, I was at the high school where I worked for 10 years at a silent auction / jewelry sale fundraiser to raise proceeds for Gift of Life Michigan.  It was an incredible experience to see so many people come together for an excellent cause, especially because it was being done in my honor.

     Many of my former students were on hand working to make the night a success.  Some of them baked goodies for sale, while others set up and made sure the evening went smoothly.  Prior to the event, I enlisted the help of three former students, two of whom used their pull in the Improvisational Theater community to donate tickets for the auction, and one of whom created a large painting of an extreme close-up of healthy lung tissue-- an extension of a microscopic medical series she was already doing.  I was so honored to see so many people working toward a goal, inspired by my transplant experience.

     I decided my role at the event would extend beyond just being there.  I set up a booth where people could donate money and fist bump me, which my doctors still recommend instead of a handshake.  As I do with nearly everything, I took my involvement to "the next level" and thoroughly enjoyed having an active role in the event.  My son was on hand the entire night and had a great time fist bumping me and anyone else who came up to donate. 

     The highlight for me was at the end of the event, when the DJ, who was present because a night of his services was up for auction, played a few songs that my son wanted to dance to.  I decided I would do whatever dance moves my then 6 year old son did, and the results were a hilarious test of my lung capacity.  Instead of footage of that (which sadly doesn't exist) I'm sharing this photo of my son and I at the fist bump table.  A year later, and I'm still in awe of all the effort that went into this fabulous night. 

Yes, he paid for the explosive flourish. I was just too slow. :)

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