Monday, July 13, 2015

How Could I Forget Green Family Robinson?

     In all the excitement and mishegoss of returning from Disney World and the start of the summer school, I left out one of my favorite moments from our family vacation.  In all of my previous trips to Disney World with my wife and son, there is one thing I skipped each and every time.  There was barely any conversation about it; the large structure loomed, with the promise of twists, turns and stairs.  On the first few trips, I knew I could have made the climb, but it would have required stops and rests, and probably triggered a few productive coughs-- none of which are a pleasant public experience when alone, not to mention in front of one's child.  It was the safe decision, but with all the other fun experiences, it was small potatoes, and a logical choice so I wasn't worn out for the other parts of our journey.

     Last year there wasn't even a thought.  I scootered on past the entrance while Kayla and my son went on their brief exploration of the Robinson family's unusual abode.  But this year was an entirely different story.  Kayla got to relax and search out a place to buy a Dole Whip while I took my son up the many flights of stairs which wind through the enormous tree house.  At the top, I has my son take a photo of me.  I know I wasn't standing on the peak of Mount Everest or anything, but it sure felt like it.

Thankfully my six year old is a talented iPhone photographer.


  1. First of all congrats on getting to through the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House! I lived in Florida for a few years after graduating high school and I dated a guy who worked at Disney so we were constantly there! One of my favorite places in the world!! Second, what the heck does mishegoss mean???????

  2. Thanks, Wendy! I learned the word "mishegoss" from the Simpsons (where I learned everything...) when Lisa says, "With all the craziness and confusion and mishegoss of packing, I forgot to pack!" I took it to be a synonym for those two words. :)