Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Different Kind of Transplant

     I am so happy to announce that I WILL be teaching again in the fall!  I am "easing in" by doing only one hour a day and my current placement is at the middle school level. So much for "easing in!"  I'm somewhat nervous about teaching an age group and curriculum I have no experience with-- despite a decade a teaching experience, I will be the "greenest" staff member in more ways than one. 

     Despite not slipping right back into my professional comfort zone, I am so excited for the school year and the new experiences and challenges it will bring, regardless of what level or class I am teaching. 

     This video is something I made with my son on what was potentially my second to last day of teaching, before everything came together allowing me return to my career this fall.  I swear that I did NOT edit the music-- I added it after my son shot the video and it matched up perfectly. 

     The song is called "Ecstasy of Gold," and I'm (still) Mr. Green, so it works on many levels even though it is no longer a tribute to the end of my teaching career. 

     I feel like the "success story" of my transplant would have been incomplete if I didn't teach again, so the weeks ahead are both a storybook ending, and a whole new beginning. Middle school, here I come!

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