Monday, August 3, 2015

King for a Day

     Four square is by far my favorite "playground" game (second only to dodgeball), probably because I am, not to brag, very good at it. I first learned to play at CF camp, and loved the game instantly. Later, in the days when my wife and I would host a summer party for my co-workers each year, we would make a court in our street and all be kids again. Regardless of whether or not a person has never played or is an old pro, four square is accessible and fun.

    Camping with my son, wife, and her sister's family provided a perfect opportunity to play again, after two summers of not being able to do so. I haven't lost a step, and dominated my youthful competition, all of them between 6 and 16 years old. If they thought for one second I would go easy on them, they were sorely mistaken-- I'm not about to use these new lungs toward anything less than my best effort. 

     By far the most wonderful part of the four square experience was how much my son enjoyed playing. For the first time, he's old enough to fully understand the game and I'm healthy enough to play. He said as we went to bed our first night of camping that he was most looking forward to playing more four square the next day. And as we played our final game on Saturday night, he was a bit tearful about not being able to play at our house, since we are a three person family and no other kids live on our street.  I assured him that we would find a time to play again soon, incredibly grateful that my new lungs are giving me yet another fresh experience with my son. 

Tearing it up...

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