Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some Buzzfeed Lists are Entertaining AND Informative...

     The only two items on this list I would disagree with are 7 and 20.

     Disagree is actually too strong a word in the case of number 7.  I question it a tiny bit because I have facial hair that is very salt and pepper now, and it seems like it is blonde hair rather than grey which been invading my normally brown stubble over the past year. Since my doctor says she's never heard of transplant meds causing changes in hair color, maybe, *maybe*, this is a trait inherited from my donor. 

     As far as number 20, I have used my transplanted status to get out of chores, but only ones that are related to my medical restrictions. Lifting really heavy stuff, mowing the lawn, cleaning moldy or otherwise nasty areas... stuff that makes sense for me to avoid.  I would gladly hop up and make a cup of tea for any one of you.

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