Monday, August 10, 2015

Rink Rats

     I was apprehensive when my doctors approved me to ice skate a few months ago, based on the fear that if (more like when) I fell down, it would hurt my still-not-as-strong-as-it-could-be upper body as I braced my fall and subsequently got myself back up.  But my son's ice skating birthday party gave me a chance to face this fear and skate with him for the first time ever.

     Although this was his first "invite your friends from school" birthday party, and many of the kids who attended skated quite well, my son was by my side for most of the hour we spent on the ice.  Well, by my side is a bit inaccurate.  He was generally a few strides ahead of me, since I skated in much the same way a newborn foal walks.  This video is pretty much a microcosm of how it went. My son told me I wasn't skating fast because I was, just as he was back in January, afraid of falling, and that was why I wasn't keeping up with his speed.  He tried several times to show me how to skate better.  It was such an adorable role reversal, and his patience never wore thin.  

     And I never fell!  I came close a few times, but was always able to stay upright.  I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to join my son on the ice, and he was clearly thrilled too.  He said, as we left the rink, "Do you think this was the greatest party in Green history?"  I sure do, son.  I sure do.

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